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Nick Cannon has multiple children with multiple women, says Akon, and that’s how life should be

Akon is defending Nick Cannon‘s viewpoint on having several children with various women. The renowned crooner believes that Nick’s way of life is exactly as “life is supposed to be.”

Akon had a protracted interview on The Zeze Millz Show on Monday, December 19. Akon spoke candidly for an hour on a variety of topics, including his opinion of males having children with different women, including Nick Cannon and himself. He also mentioned that in his view, many formative experiences for children, such as vacations and recitals, are not necessary when outlining what he thought a father’s key obligations were when it came to having children.

Nick Cannon
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Akon revealed that he thinks polygamy—being in multiple romantic relationships at once—is a natural, biological thing during an in-depth discussion about men in monogamous relationships versus being with multiple people. The “Smack That” rapper swiftly expressed his support for Nick Cannon’s way of life when Zeze Millz directly asked him what he thought about Cannon having so many children.

The well-known interviewer questioned, “Do you agree with Nick Cannon and the spreading of his seed?”

In the clip below, Akon states firmly, “I agree with him. “That is how life ought to be. He’s wealthy and trustworthy. Every single one of those kids is cared for by him. And the expectant women are involved; they suffer needlessly and lead comfortable lives.”

To do so, Mills put aside the issues of multiple female partners and wealth and asked, “But what about the children?”

“What’s wrong?” Akon replied. “[Nick Cannon] is there for all of them. Nick is there for every one of those kids. I have him nine [kids] and each one I’m there for

Since then, Millz has urged Akon to be there for all the important moments in their children’s lives.

“So you attend every single concert?” asked Zeze Millz bluntly. “No, it’s the white stuff,” Akon said, more animated. , help fathers, help with family planning, and become responsible adults.

he added:

“My job isn’t to do all these extra things, all these holidays and concerts, etc. I attend my duties to make sure my family has a roof over their heads and food.” While doing… Then yes, I will.”

Akon’s candid conversation about Nick Cannon and his many children saw Cannon openly admit to feeling very guilty about not spending enough time with each of his 11 children. A few days later.

“Obviously, as a father of multiple children, not being able to spend enough time with all of them has always been my biggest drawback,” said the Wild ‘N Out creator in a recent interview. rice field. Akon is the second time this month that the Konvict Kulture boss has come under fire for his out-of-the-ordinary opinion. On December 2, Akon defended Kanye West for praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. The TT Freak artist said Ye has the right to publicly express whatever opinion he wants.

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